Healthy Choices Your Mind and Body Will Thank You For

At first, you may think that making healthy choices takes a lot of work and means sacrificing things you love. However, making healthy choices truly can be fun and rewarding. Not only will your mind and body thank you for making them, but it can also help you live a more joyful and fulfilled life. Here are a few ideas to get started in a more healthy direction today. These things are simple, basic, and easy to add to your life. We all like the easier, low hanging fruit, right?!

Get Good Quality Sleep

Getting your beauty rest is sure to help you feel ready to conquer all you have on your plate. I get it, with everything you need to take care of in your day-to-day, getting to sleep at a decent time can seem like an impossible feat, especially for busy moms. Adults need an average of 7-9 hours of sleep per night (which won’t happen every single night, especially if you have young kids), but there are a few things you can do to help make this happen. Have a schedule that helps you keep things on track, like set times to get things done early on so you are not doing them late into the night. Tackling household chores, getting homework done before dinner, having devices powered off before a certain time, and creating a bedtime routine to help you relax can help make all the difference for you and your kids. Sleep deprivation can cause your body to be on a blood sugar rollercoaster during the day, which can lead to more fatigue, mood swings, and sugar cravings. The last thing you want is to feel like you are fighting to stay awake and overwhelmed. Getting to sleep should be one of your priorities to avoid burnout.

Healthy Choices Your Mind and Body Will Thank You For

Eat Well (Use Food as Fuel)

Eating well is SO worth it. You deserve to feel your best, and nourishing your body can help you get there. It is incredible how food can make you feel and impact your day, whether positively or negatively. There are many different food allergies and sensitivities that can make us feel less than great. Do you feel lousy after eating dairy, gluten, or processed oils? If so, knowing your triggers can help you to eat what is best for you, whether that be going lactose-free, or by trying some delicious grain-free recipes. Understanding your unique needs can help you put together meals that work for you and help you to get rid of unwanted feelings like brain fog, muscle pain, or fatigue. The first thing that you can start doing is adding a serving of vegetables at every meal. It doesn’t have to be a huge salad, you could do things like adding greens to your eggs in the morning, adding spinach to your smoothie, or an easy roasted veggie with lunch of dinner. Start small, and you can build on those small choices.

Healthy Choices Your Mind and Body Will Thank You For

Be Proactive and Take Ownership

Striving to be proactive each and every day can empower you to care for both your mind and body. YOU are the boss of you, and it can be easy to become complacent and not stay on top of things, whether it be with goals, your career, or your health. Your body gives you signals all the time. If you are not feeling well, don’t neglect it, and make sure you see a doctor or nutritionist to look into the problem. Whether it be an allergy, symptoms of IBS, or your mental health, take steps to get help. If you notice you are experiencing some common signs of depression in women don’t brush it off, speak with a mental health professional that can talk to you about how to deal with them. If you feel like your stomach is often upset, don’t hesitate to switch up your diet and speak with a nutritionist that could help you sort through possible food intolerances or recommend some probiotics to try. Being proactive will help you to reach your health goals and feel well. Taking control of my health was the best thing I ever did for myself, you can read about my healing story here.

Healthy Choices Your Mind and Body Will Thank You For

Consume Consciously

What your body is exposed to every day can really impact your health, it is not just about what we put IN our bodies, but also what we put ON our bodies. That’s why I highly recommend taking the time out to read and understand the labels of products you are using. Consume consciously, stop and take a moment before you pick something off the shelf and put it in your cart for purchase. For instance, does your body wash contain straightforward and easy-to-understand ingredients, or is it full of hormone-disrupting chemicals? We can’t always be perfect at this, but striving to use wholesome, simple, and clean products can cut down on exposure to harsh substances. There are also lots of great homemade versions that can help, which will cut down on cost. This can be everything from beauty products, household cleaners, air fresheners, and even bug repellant.

Exercise Your Mind

We’ve all been told a million times that exercise is good for the body, but have you heard about exercising your mind? Giving your mind a workout is great for your overall health, and can keep your mind sharp as you get older. And not to worry, I won’t be suggesting any algebra equations. Instead, try some relaxing games that can help you unwind and work your mind each day. Take fifteen minutes to complete a crossword puzzle or sudoku. If puzzles are not your thing then try reading a book, or learning a new language, by using an engaging language learning app. Either way, exercising your mind has many benefits for the brain. 

Healthy choices not only are beneficial for your mind and body but can be fun and bring so much joy to your life. From learning how to cook tasty recipes, to getting hooked on a new favorite exercise, or reading a good book, there is so much you can do to take care of yourself. Remember, when we FEEL better, we DO better.

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