My Favorite Wellness Books

I am a real nutrition and wellness nerd, and I get way too excited when I find a new book on anything health related. I recommend books to friends and clients all the time, so I thought I would come up with a list of my favorite wellness books for you guys!

My Favorite Wellness Books

The Body Book –> I love this one, it is basically the book all wellness books. It is a comprehensive guide  to nutrition, exercise, and holistic lifestyle choices. I love the philosophy behind this book, understanding the foundational principles of our health and wellness. Oh, and can we just talk about how much of a baller Cameron Diaz is? But, for real.

Good Clean Beauty –> I know people tend to give Gwyneth a hard time about her approach to health sometimes, but I can’t help but love her books. I mean, I know she has tried some pretty crazy wellness trends, but this book is really relatable. It is a complete guide to everything from non toxic beauty products, skincare advice, hair health, and even nutrition advice for beautiful skin.

The Honest Life –> Jessica Alba takes her non-toxic lifestyle very seriously, and she gives SO much helpful advice on that subject in her book. She doesn’t leave out any areas of life in this book, she goes from everything from food, beauty products, exercise, household cleaning, clothing and style, and even non-toxic home decor,

Make Your Own Rules Diet –> I love that Tara Stiles is throwing out the ‘diet’ rules in this book. She thinks that the most knowledgable expert on your health is YOU (completely agree). This book will help you tune into your body and find out what truly makes you feel good. She includes lots of great recipes, and several yoga workouts.

Skin Cleanse –> I learned SO much about skincare from this book. Adina Grigore is an expert on skincare and she gives a ton of information about mainstream skincare products, which is fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. She encourages us to throw out all of the crazy chemicals that are in most of the products in our bathrooms, and switch to natural products. She even gives recipes for homemade skincare products. I have made several of them and I love them!

Pretty Happy –> I love how relatable Kate Hudson in her book, she tells us how she cares for herself, but also talks about how every body is different. Her book talks about the ‘Four Pillars of Health’, which are to cultivate an intuitive relationship with your body, eat well, awaken your body, and mindfulness and meditation. It is comprehensive, and I really enjoyed reading it.

Kitchen Cures –> This book is about how to heal and treat pretty much any ailment with things right in your own kitchen. It talks about uses for different ingredients, as well as actually remedies for specific health concerns. I refer to it pretty often if I’m trying to treat something with an all-natural remedy.

My Favorite Wellness Books

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