The Best Gluten-Free Bread Brands

Years ago, when gluten-free diets were really starting to become a ‘thing’, GOOD gluten-free bread was really hard to come by. You kind of felt like you were eating cardboard, and not bread. But alas, there are some amazing brands over the past few years that have come out with some really delicious gluten-free bread. Hallelujah. I have done tons of trial and error over the years, and I have come up with a pretty good list of the best gluten-free bread brands for you. (this list will be updated over time as I try out new brands)

The Best Gluten-Free Bread Brands

Taste, Texture, Ingredients, Price

We all deserve to eat delicious sandwiches like we did before we were diagnosed with our gluten sensitivities, am I right? I thought so. So all of these brands have been TWK approved for taste, texture, consistency, and quality of ingredients. Some have better qualities in certain categories, but each are good overall.

And then of course we have to talk about the price of some of these breads. Let’s face it, gluten-free breads are expensive. It doesn’t seem fair because some of us HAVE to choose this kind of bread, but its just the way it is. I think it is because a lot of gluten-free breads are generally made with more expensive ingredients, but you can usually find some decently priced loaves in most grocery stores these days.

Don’t forget to look in the freezer/refrigeration section to find most GF breads, they are not as shelf stable as non-GF breads, so you will need to store them either in your fridge or freezer. I tend to keep mine in the freezer and just toast it up when I want to eat it. 

The Best Gluten-Free Bread Brands

The Best Gluten-Free Bread Brands
  • Canyon Bakehouse – My two favorite loaves are the 7-Grain and the Whole Grain Heritage Style. The Heritage Style loaves are wider slices, so they are much bigger than standard GF bread, which I love. They are also a little more expensive, which is to be expected because they are bigger. The one I have in my freezer the most often is the 7-Grain. And their white bread will make a perfect childhood classic PB&J. I haven’t tried their bagels yet, but they are on my list.
The Best Gluten-Free Bread Brands
  • Little Northern Bakehouse – My favorite loaf is their Seeds & Grains, but all of their bread loaves are amazing. The crust is a little more crispy, which I love, and it toasts up really nicely. I can always find this brand at Sprouts, which is convenient for me. I’ve tried all of their classic loaves, wide sliced loaves, and the sprouted 7 grain, and I love them all. I also really like their ingredients list, and they don’t use canola oil, which is always a plus.
  • Udi’s – This is one of the brands that you can most commonly find in most grocery stores. The texture is soft, but it can also get stale easily, so I recommend toasting it. We have used their hamburger buns and liked them, but they can be kind of tough, so you need to warm them up a bit and toast them. This one is also a little less expensive than some others.
  • Rudi’s – This is one of the few brands that is shelf stable, but I still like to keep any GF bread in the freezer, it just lasts longer. If you do that though, it will definitely need to be toasted. This brand is also commonly at most grocery stores, and less expensive. I normally don’t have their bread loaves on hand, but we do love their tortillas and wraps.
  • Glutino – They don’t make bread loaves, but their english muffins are to die for. They are the perfect soft and chewy texture, which is exactly what you want an english muffin to be. They do have a longer ingredients list than I would normally like, but they are a nice treat when you are wanting something different for breakfast.

I hope this list has helped you navigate the world of gluten-free breads! It can be hard to find a good one, and I’ll be updating the list over time as I keep trying out new brands. If you have suggestions, or have found one you love, let me know! And also, then all else fails, you can just bake your own!

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