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Being from Texas, you can just imagine that I’ve never really seen a large amount of snow. Ever. It pretty much never snows in Houston, and even now that we live farther west in Lubbock, it has only snowed a couple of times since we moved here, and even then it hasn’t been tons. So Pagosa Springs, CO was ah-mazing!


Kenny and I drove through Santa Fe on the way there and back, and we found a really great mostly GF restaurant called Body Café. It was a yoga studio, café and all-natural store/boutique all in one! I loved this place! It was so good that we actually ate there on both of our road trips, on our way to and from Colorado. Our first time eating there, I had the huevos rancheros with a brown rice tortilla and Kenny had an omelet, both were super tasty. On our second trip, we both got a bison burger (me- w/ a side salad, him- w/ curried potatoes), and that was great too. They also had these delicious vegan, GF brownies that we shared each time. I probably could have eaten like 5 of those little gems.



We also stopped to see the most beautiful lights all over the trees in the square in Santa Fe. And on our way back home, we stopped at a 100% gluten-free bakery called Revolution Bakery that had really great cookies. Good job, Santa Fe!




We were visiting Pagosa Springs to ring in the new year with our family, and it was just so much fun! We stayed in the cutest house that was right on a golf course, so we had a really beautiful view right outside our window. The town of Pagosa Springs is really cute. There are lots of adorable stores throughout the town that have everything from handmade goods, antiques and souvenirs. All of these stores were right next to the hot springs in town, which was SO cool. It was in the 20s outside, yet the water was hot. Crazy.



We went snowmobiling and got to play in the snow! We just happened to go snowmobiling on a day where there was a bit of a snow storm happening. It was really fun, but FLIPPIN’ FREEZING. I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes, but I suddenly didn’t care the second we made our first stop and got to play in the snow. Playing in this snow was absolutely my favorite part of the trip. I’ve heard people compare snow to powder, and they are absolutely right. When you walked or jumped through the snow, you sunk deep down in it, it really did feel like powder. It was so soft that we couldn’t even get it to stick together to make snowballs. We made it work though, because we had a massive family snowball fight on our last day there.







I would absolutely go back to Pagosa Springs if I got the opportunity again, we had so much fun!

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