30 week pregnancy update!

30 WEEKS! I can’t believe this pregnancy is flying by as quickly as it is! We are definitely on the downhill slope now, not much longer to go! With every week that passes, mine and Kenny’s excitement just grows. We can’t wait to meet this little girl, but we are also enjoying the last few weeks where it is just the two of us.

30 week pregnancy update

How I’m Feeling

I felt pretty great during most of the second trimester! My nausea went away, I had more energy, and I felt SO much better than I did in the first trimester. We were able to take advantage of this by traveling a ton this summer. We went to Houston to visit family, and then were able to go one a couple of really fun vacations to Miami and Austin.

Right around the 28 week mark (the start of the third trimester) is when my energy started to take a dive again. I’ve been told by just about everyone that this is totally normal, and you definitely start to feel tired during the third trimester. I’m back to taking daily naps, and trying to get as much sleep at night as I can. I have to take advantage of it now and sleep before the baby gets here, right?!

I still haven’t really had any issues with swelling in my feet and legs yet. Hallelujah!

Food -> Cravings + Aversions

My appetite for most of the foods that I couldn’t handle in the beginning came back, and I was feeling like a normal person again! I have definitely noticed that my appetite is much smaller than it used to be. I’m assuming that is because as the baby grows, she is pressing on my stomach and making it more difficult to fit much food in there. I get full a lot faster, so I feel like I’m constantly snacking instead of eating big meals.

I’m still craving fruit like crazy and could EAT MY WEIGHT in watermelon and peaches right now. I’m pretty sure that the amount of watermelon I eat is the main thing that keeps me hydrated in this summer heat.

I can tolerate chicken again, but it really just depends on the day. At least I’m back to eating vegetables, though!


I’m still teaching my CycleBar classes, as well as my barre classes. I have definitely backed off on intensity and frequency throughout the past few months, but I’m feeling good! I haven’t really dealt with too much back or hip pain, which I’m still shocked about! I figured by now I would surely have been feeling it more in my back, but not yet.

I really do credit my consistency with working out to the fact that I really haven’t had too many aches and pains throughout this pregnancy. I have kept my body moving (with modifications) the whole time, and it has been a lifesaver! I stretch and do a little yoga every single day, and then either cycle or do barre a few times a week. This has really kept the blood flowing, which I think helps with swelling. It has also kept my muscles and joints limber, and not stagnant. I know this will only help me feel my best during that tough postpartum period.


I have really made it a point to take good care of myself during this time. Self-care doesn’t always have to look like massages and bubble baths (even though those things have definitely happened!). It is also about the little everyday things that make a big difference in how you feel, like moving your body, eating well, and taking your prenatal vitamins.

I am making it a point to keep lots of nutrient dense foods in my everyday diet, and always take my prenatals and omega-3 supplements. I’m definitely getting lots of nutrients from all the fruit I’ve been eating.

Epsom salt baths are still a regular occurrence too. I probably sit in an epsom salt bath about once a week, and I try to make sure I do this to take care of my muscles after my workouts. It has been helpful for my back and hips after I teach my cycling classes.

Like I said before, I take the time to stretch, meditate and relax almost every single day. This not only helps my body feel great, but it helps me calm my mind as well. My mind has the tendency to wander from time to time, so taking a few minutes every day to relax has made me feel much calmer over the past few weeks.

One of the biggest things that I’ve been doing is giving myself permission to sleep more. I tend to feel guilty if I sleep in too much, or am taking too many naps and not being productive. But during this entire pregnancy, I have been giving myself a little more grace and sleeping as much as I can. Naps, early bedtimes, later mornings, all of it. I mean, I’m growing a human, it’s hard work! ha!


I said this in the 20 week update post, but my favorite thing is still to be able to feel her move around in there! I know that those kicks are going to be the thing that I miss the most about pregnancy.

My belly is definitely starting to get more uncomfortable as the days progress. She is getting bigger, and taking up a lot more room that I just don’t have. My baby bump is pretty tight (or so I keep getting told when people rub my bump), and I have definitely been FEELING that tightness. It is just a crazy feeling to have, and it is only more intense when she is rolling around in there. And let me tell you, she is ACTIVE. I’m pretty sure she never stops moving, she is going to be a very busy little girl. But, I’m not complaining because as uncomfortable as it is, watching my belly move and feeling her kick is my favorite thing ever.


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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy.Hope so you enjoy your pregnancy period. I am also a pregnant woman with my first baby. Your pregnancy tips are too useful. I learn many things about pregnancy from here. I want to more update from you. Hope so you will give it to us. Best of luck to you.

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