Quick & Healthy Summer Snacks

I think we all reach for quick and easy snacks more often in the summer. Between hanging out by the pool, backyard barbecues, and all of amazing fresh fruits available, snacks are a must! I put together a list of quick, easy, and super healthy snacks that will keep you cool and happy this summer.

Smoothies, all the smoothies!

You can whip up a delicious fruit and veggie filled smoothie in no time! Just throw together your favorite fruit, green leafy veggies, and some protein powder for some staying power.

Strawberry Basil Protein Smoothie

10 smoothies for the summer months

Get creative with your toast!

If I’m wanting something more on the savory side, my go-to is always avocado toast. Just mash a ripe avocado on some gluten-free toast, then add whatever you want on top. You can keep it as simple as a sprinkle of sea salt, or even drizzle on some honey.

If you are craving sweet, then go for a nut butter topping for your toast. Peanut butter is always my favorite, with some sliced strawberries, hemp seeds, and honey drizzled over the top. For some extra protein, add a smear of yogurt with that nut butter and fruit!

Quinn Snacks Popcorn

Popcorn is one of my husband’s favorite snacks. It is quick, easy, and a good choice as a healthy whole grain. You can make it yourself on the stovetop in a large pot, but why do that when you have Quinn’s Pure Pop bags?! They make it so convenient to enjoy your favorite popcorn, but without all of the weird chemicals that usually come in microwave popcorn bags.

Quinn Snacks is the first in the industry to make chemical, plastic, and susceptor free bags, and they are also compostable! The ingredient pouches are applied after popping the kernels, meaning the oils and butter are never microwaved. As a result, the oils and and natural ingredients are never heated, leading to a cleaner tasting popcorn. They use REAL, grass-fed clarified butter (ghee), it is all non-GMO, and nothing artificial, EVER.

If I am going to be eating a snack that comes in a package, I want to feel good about it. And Quinn Snacks makes me feel good about eating a high quality product. Let’s have a movie night!

You can buy Quinn Snacks popcorn here.

Balls & Bars

I love making snack balls out of nuts, dates, and healthy fats. My favorites are always the ones with chocolate (like these peanut cacao energy balls), duh. But get creative! You can use any type of nut/seed, spices, other flavors, etc.

And you can even make your own bars, whether they be protein bars, or oat bars. These almond coconut bars are a personal favorite.

Fruit, fruit, fruit!

I think it goes without saying that fruit is always a go-to snack in the summer time. Watermelon, berries, and figs are in season, so take advantage while you can!

roasted figs with goat cheese, walnuts & honey




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