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Advanced Muscle Integration TechniqueI really believe that, in some cases, the body has an inherent ability to heal without drugs or unnecessary surgeries. If all the essential elements for healing are available to the body, it can repair and restore itself on its own.

I am going to start a new wellness series about A.M.I.T. (Advanced Muscle Integration Technique) because it is something that has helped me so much over the past few months. I work in a Chiropractic office (Infinity Wellness Center) where I see clients for nutrition counseling, so I have been very fortunate to have the BEST chiropractor in Lubbock (shout out to Dr. Matt!) to teach me all about A.M.I.T.

It is so fascinating how the human body works, and I talk about nutrition and exercise all the time on The Wheatless Kitchen, but there is more to wellness than just nutrition and exercise. If the body is not working and moving correctly, then it can cause a domino effect with other areas of your health. If you are in pain, then you won’t want to workout, and when you aren’t exercising regularly, you are less likely to reach for healthier foods and more likely to reach for comfort foods.

What is A.M.I.T.?

When a muscle is overloaded beyond its ability to compensate, one of two things happen: the muscle fibers tear (sprain/strain), and/or the body will shut down the muscle, inhibiting future injuries. A.M.I.T. is designed to detect and reactivate muscles that were previously deactivated in the body.

When a muscle is deactivated, and then stressed during physical activity, the body will create pain as to avoid injury. It’s so crazy, our bodies are just smart like that. It will avoid using the deactivated muscle, and start adapting by using other muscles to take on the load. This then starts a new site for potential injury, while also starting a cycle of injury after injury.

This is where A.M.I.T.comes in! A.M.I.T. combines 17 healing disciplines into one method. This method allows the practitioner to test over 600 muscles in the body for function. The tests that Dr. Matt has done on me have all been some type of test on strength. For example, he will push against my leg and have me try to resist him to see how my strength is for that specific muscle. It is always comical  when he does these tests because it makes me feel so weak.

But its almost like MAGIC every time he works on a muscle. He reactivates the muscle, then does the same test again. And just like that, I can actually resist him while he applies pressure.

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique

The History of A.M.I.T.

Dr. Alan G. Beardall was one of the original Diplomats in the International College of Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Beardall’s driving force was to never  be satisfied with anything less than maximum function and pain free performance for his patients. He worked tirelessly for years , defining and refining the work that became known as Clinical Kinesiology. CK is a system that enables physicians to isolate and test 310 unilateral muscles in the body for function. In addition, he discovered 12 different reflex systems related to each of the 310 muscles. This revolutionized human performance analysis and treatment.

Through his years of practice, CK became the base upon which A.M.I.T. was developed.

Dr. Craig Buhler had the opportunity to work and study with Dr. Beardall during the development of CK. After Dr. Buhler had graduated and started his own practice, he was selected to become the team chiropratic physician for the Utah Jazz NBA team.

Dr. Buhler served as the team chiropractic doctor for the Utah Jazz for 24 years. During his tenure, he was instrumental in helping create the lowest “player missed games due to injury rate” of any team in the NBA for 24 years. This accomplishment validates the effectiveness of A.M.I.T. He did such a phenomenal job during his tenure that he earned the nickname “Dr. Two Fingers”, coming from the technique of using your fingers to put pressure on two different points of the muscle.

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique has been validated at the elite level of athletics over the course of Dr. Buhler’s career. He developed an understanding of where pain comes from and how to remove it. Many areas of pain are merely adaptations of other areas in the body that were injured previously. This is what makes the A.M.I.T. system so different and effective.

What you will see here…

Today’s post was to introduce you guys to the A.M.I.T. method, and give you some information on it. In the coming months, I will go in depth on each individual muscle when Dr. Matt works on them. If you can find a chiropractor in your city that provides A.M.I.T., I highly recommend you go talk to them.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, having a properly functioning body is a huge component of overall wellness. Chiropractic care has been a life changer for me over the past year.


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