Sweatastic Circuit Workout

Hey guys!

I have a really great workout for you today! And it is definitely sweatastic! I love circuit workouts for so many reasons. They are pretty quick, they can be fast-paced, you can get a total body workout, strength training, and cardio all in one!!

Sweatastic Circuit Workout

I was trying to get motivated to workout this morning, so I decided to jot down a circuit workout. I wanted it to be quick, but super effective. And let me tell you, I was a sweaty mess at the end! I have been having trouble with my knee lately, so I went a little light on the high-impact moves, like the squat jumps and lunges. I compensated the lower impact with a little bit faster pace throughout the workout. I also completed 3 rounds of each circuit instead of 2. But if you are able to go all out with these exercises, then 2 rounds should still be a great workout!

This was the first time in almost three weeks that I have actually been able to go a little harder with my workout. We are not exactly sure what the diagnosis is on my knee quite yet, but I have been doing my best to follow the doctor’s orders and rest it. I have learned my lesson, and this is what happens if I am stubborn and don’t lay off of it…


Ice packs for days. Booooo.


Oh! And I’m pretty sure I haven’t told you guys yet, but I am in the process of getting certified to teach group fitness classes! I am so excited, and can’t wait to start teaching! I am actually doing the online certification through AFAA. It’s kind of a newer thing they are doing. When I was looking into buying the certification, I knew that I wanted to go through AFAA, but they didn’t have any workshops near me. So, online it was. It is actually pretty cool, you basically do the exact same thing you would do in a workshop, except you do it over a webcam. Crazy, I know. I’ll be sure to write a blog post to recap my whole experience once I’m finished, in case anyone is interested in doing their online program. This is basically what my days have consisted of for the past couple of months…


A blog, a textbook, and a large cup of coffee. But, it’s almost over, I have already taken my practical exam, and I take my written exam on Friday. Wish me luck!


I hope you enjoy your sweatastic workout! Smile

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