How to Stay Fit While Traveling

We all know how hard it is to fit in your workouts while you are traveling. You would rather be out seeing the new city you are visiting than working out, but trust me when I tell you that you will feel so much better if you fit in some exercise on your vacations. It doesn’t have to be much, and you don’t have to spend hours everyday trying to get a great workout in, just keep it simple and efficient. This way you have more time to go out and play (and enjoy all of the great food indulgences). I put together a list of ideas and workouts that require no equipment or even a gym!

Go for a run! If you are in a beautiful city, the best way to experience it is to run your way through the streets! You could get your workout in by running to get your morning coffee and then walking back to the hotel.

Hiking! If you are visiting mountains, or just a beautiful city that has amazing trails, take advantage of the terrain.

– If your hotel has a gym, then go jump on the elliptical, bike, treadmill. You could also get in a great weights workout while you are there.

– Walking around the city you are visiting is the easiest way to get in some extra exercise throughout your trip. Just wear some comfortable shoes, and go see the sights!

– If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, or if you are staying at a B&B, just do a quick workout right in your own room. Here are a few workouts that you can do right in your hotel room because they don’t require much space.

15-minute-hiit-and-toning-1024x76815-Minute HIIT and Toning

Tabata-Superset-Workout_thumbTabata Superset Workout

Thigh-Burner-WorkoutThigh Burner Workout

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