20-Minute HIIT Elliptical Workout

Happy workout Wednesday!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve a hard time trying to get back in the swing of things (when it comes to my workouts and food) after the holiday. I didn’t workout at all when we were traveling last week, and I’m having a really hard time motivating myself to get back into it this week. But not to fear, I’ve got a really quick workout for you that will be over before you know it. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of time on a workout, then HIIT is for you. I did this elliptical workout this morning, and it was just what I needed. I didn’t feel like exercising before I started, but I got off the elliptical feeling so much more energized. Thank you, endorphins.

20 Minute HIIT Elliptical


Oh, and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s official! I’m a certified group exercise instructor! I’m so excited to be able to start teaching classes! After I get my knee fixed in January, I’m going to be on the hunt for some fun places to teach. If anybody in Lubbock knows of some openings, hook a sista up.

I’ll do a post soon about my experience with the online certification program in case anyone is interested in getting certified themselves.


    1. Hi Lisa! No, you don’t add incline because you are sprinting pretty fast on the high intensity parts. I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt trying to sprint uphill.

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